Safety is our top priority on every project. Marx Sheet Metal & Mechanical Inc. and Halo Marx Sheet Metal share many best practices, greatly improving multiple aspects of both businesses. We have taken many steps to create a culture of safety. These steps include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation of a State Certified Safety Committee which meets monthly at a rotating job site to discuss a new safety topic that includes all the employees on-site in the discussion. We review the toolbox talks as well as audit the worksite through this committee.
  • Marx has a full-time safety director who oversees all safety operations. Through our safety director, we are continuously working on the development, implementation, and improvement of all safety measures including reporting, training, compliance, orientation, investigations, and creating a culture of safety-conscious craftspeople.
  • The development and implementation of a return to work program have been used to help injured employees ease back into their full-time trade with light-duty tasks such as fabrication shop work, logistics, estimating, and job site management.
  • LEAN manufacturing processes coupled with prefabrication in our facilities or CoLo (Co-Location) greatly improve efficiencies across the board. We feel we also improve our worker safety by working in a controlled environment with proper lighting, protection from the elements, easier working heights and conditions, closer oversight for PPE usage, and a better way to help light-duty workmen utilize their skills
  • Every employee on the first day of every job is given our safety booklets in addition to our corporate safety manual. These booklets emphasize the most common safety questions and regulations in a smaller size to quickly access information. The last pages are signed by all employees at the start of every new project and submitted to their employee file.

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